Medical Coating Materials

  • Medical Coating Materials

    Precision coating has wide applications in the medical sector.

    KDX provides a number of products, such as fixed tapes for blood sugar monitors and blood flow velocity detectors.

    ● Blood sugar test tapes

    With high adhesive force and uniform thickness, they are easy for film cutting and processing and have passed US AR certification.

    3D Medical Display

    3D Medical Display

    Applying KDX’s world-class 3D display technology to live surgeries will significantly reduce the risk of accidental vascular injury, enable surgeons to have unobstructed views without glasses, successfully address the problem of time lag and ensure the safety and accuracy of surgeries.

    ● 32-inch Glasses-free 3D Medical Display

    The 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) display board, coupled with high-transparency lenticular grating, the free 2D/3D switch technology and eye-tracking function, produces good 3D effects with a time error of less than 50 milliseconds, thus substantially boosting the efficiency and success rate of surgeries. It is applied to fields such as minimally invasive surgeries and medical teaching.

    ● 24-inch glasses-free 3D medical display

    The 4K UHD display board is coupled with high-transparency lenticular grating. The microscope equipped can display the enlarged 3D image of tiny objects on the screen, while eye tracking can provide free views of various angles.

  • Case


    At the 2017 Chinese Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal Surgery Study Group International Conference (CLASSIC) on September 15, 2017, KDX cooperated with Nanfang Hospital and Guangzhou Shining Technology to display their jointly developed glasses-free 3D display technology of laparoscopic minimally invasive surgeries for the first time, achieving expected results.