KDX Presents its Black Technologies and Three Highlights at CES



On January 9~12, 2018, the world's most influential consumer electronics event CES will be held in Las Vegas, USA. CES 2018 expected to display the world' cutting-edge technology products, would gather over 3900 companies and attract over 170,000 visitors over the world. The world's emerging smart display technology leader KDX will set up a 230-m2 booth (No.: 35205) for the display of its latest black technologies in the south No. 4 hall at CES 2018.

At CES 2018, KDX will officially release its "3D+" strategy, launch its Simulated Reality (SR) technology mixed with its glasses-free 3D display technology, environment space perception technology, man-machine interactive integration and artificial intelligence (AI), and display its new retail and commerce solutions integrated with emerging display and AI technologies, giving the global consumers a full-drills technology show. The world's frontier technologies like MR, VR and AR are on the rise. KDX's new upgrades to such technologies will give blockbuster news in CES 2018 and deliver an incomparable show to the global consumers. What highlights will KDX give at this CES? Will its black technologies influence our lives greatly? Let's have a look first.

Highlight 1: How does its SR technology upgrades AR/VR/MR?

IPhone X applies 3D modeling Face ID in its new launch iPhone X, Google launches Tango modeling and AR Core, and Sumsung releases glasses-free 3D laptops based on KDX's 3D display technology. As shown in the actions by the global technology giants above, the age of full human image and video 3D application is coming, and the AR/VR/MR industry will flame up. The content of these frontier technologies is displayed in format of 3D, so 3D display becomes the core technology to create scenarios like mixed reality (MR).

What is MR? As said in story Chuang Chou Dreaming a Butterfly, Chuang Chou dreams he becomes a vivid butterfly and knows that he is just Chuang Chou after he wakes up. Chuang Chou dreams that he becomes a butterfly in a dream or a butterfly dreams that it becomes Chuang Chou? This story is a masterpiece in Chuang Tzu 's "On Leveling All Things". Chuang believes that people will be of great joy if they break boundaries between life and death, between object and subject. Can we realize such Forget Both Object and Subject circumstance by technology? This is the object that MR is orientated at, what's more, KDX's SR technology releases users from glasses constraint and such medium-free experience enables users to feel and enjoy the charms of technology free.

At CES 2018, KDX will show its SR technology in the three cool application scenarios for consumers. How do these black technologies integrate AR/VR/MR into more application scenarios? Please visit KDX's SR experience room set at CES.

KDX will also present latest 3D display technologies results like glasses-free 3D mobiles with 2D/3D-compatible K2 technology, tablets and laptops with 2D/3D-switchable K3 technology, 65 in. glasses-free 3D advisement player to global consumers. The world's first glasses-free 3D laptop "Pupil 3D" developed jointly by KDX and Sumsung will also be presented in CES. This product gives excellent experience in performance, 3D effect, transparency, 3D content and other aspects, so it is highly values by the industry and consumers. The public will see it at CES 2018.

Highlight 2: how do emerging display and AI technologies activate new retail and commerce?

Users suffer the "pain spots" like low efficiency, high cost and poor service quality in the traditional commercial activity and consumption process. To mitigate these pain spots, Kangde Group's Internet tech company KD Creation establishes a cloud user aggregation and operation platform in support of its leading 3D display and big touch screen technologies in combination with its smart software and AI systems, and strives to upgrade such platform to a world-leading quality life service platform.

At this CES, KD Creation will also present its new-generation LOHO magic mirror (TC10). Such high-tech smart product can interact, perceive, think and have both "wisdom" and "design". Its magical functions and application scenarios will be disclosed at CES.

KD Creation's smart vending system is customized for the new sale field. Such system is based on KDX's world-leading big touch screen technology, IoT technology and AI system and can integrate retail, media and operation well.

Highlight 3: how does big touch screen technology forge a digital museum?

The technology advance improves the inheritance and promotion of the culture. In recent years, emerging display technology triggers a new technology path to upgrade the cultural display.

KDX and KD Creation have become leading in this aspect. With KDX's world-leading big touch screen technology and KD Creation's top interactive software system, these two companies are engaged in delivering a series of interactive creativity solutions to the fields like culture, education, medical service and landed estate.

At this CES, KD Creation will display the "Digital Imperial Palace" which realizes a perfect interaction between visitor and cultural relics. Never miss this exhibition if you would like to experience the perfect interfusion of merging display technology, software technology and the Chinese culture, and bright display of the Chinese culture essence and brilliance in such modern western industry exhibition.

Co-driven by KDX and KD Creation's "black technologies", a wonderful smart world is approaching. Are you ready?